Individual Sessions

Very few athletes have the chance to experience valuable sessions with a Performance Lifestyle Advisor. I’m stepping forwards towards this matter to give you a unique opportunity. This is exactly the same service accessed by athletes with Olympic or World Championship titles. You don’t have to be a professional to work with me. I’m looking for passionate, dedicated and ambitious people, who dream of getting into a better team, completing an IRONMAN or achieving a new PB! We all have the ability to stand on the podium of our own challenges. Each individual session will end with an action plan to maximise the efficiency of our meeting. This could include analysis, research and planning. The topic of this consultation can be chosen by you. It can be altered and adapted according to your immediate needs. The world of an athlete can be very demanding, I am offering a flexible and varied approach. The most exciting thing is that all the methodology and system learnt with me, can be easily and successfully translate into any areas of your life such as your business, academic or personal development.

Group Sessions And Workshops

Are you involved with a sports team? Perhaps you’re a coach, team manager or a player yourself and feel like this is something that can enhance your level of team performance. The lifestyle support is not only limited to individual sessions, but can also be very useful and inspiring tool for your players. You don’t have to scarified hours and hours from your valuable time, nor do you have to have the essential knowledge and skills to deliver it. However, as a great leader, you can’t dismiss this huge opportunity for growth! You can hire me to work alongside your team. The details of this arrangement will be discuss and tailored to meet your specific requirements. In order to book this service, please fill in the contact form.

Online Courses

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This service could involve working with athletes based in different time zones. Therefore, after booking a session, I will contact with you personally within 1 working day in order to select the most convenient time for both of us.