Zaneta Nedza

I was born with a passion for sport! From an early age I have taken part in many different disciplines including: athletics, cross-country running, handball, football and table tennis. Every one of them has brought me great joy and helped to shape me as an athlete. However, I have chosen one beloved sport above all others… Basketball!
I quickly progressed into a serious training regime, and was a key member of a championship winning team, in the first women’s Polish basketball league. I have also played here in the UK at a national level. My passion for basketball is not really in line with my physical attributes (I am only 1.62cm tall and of a slight build) as a result I have been met with constant rejection and undervalued due to many unfounded stereotypes.
I have never given up and never let any negative comments influence my attitude. I will always find a way to get to the most favourable outcome in any situation. I have not only trained hard but gained knowledge and fulfilled my academic ambitions with two degrees related to sport, as well as many additional courses and workshops including a Level 3 Certificate in Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support. My personal experience and never ending excitement about every aspect of sport helps me to develop each experience further, leading me the place where I am now.
I am working as a performance lifestyle advisor with British Triathlon based at the University of Bath. I also work with international and national level athletes from many different disciplines of sport. I have never felt more fulfilled! Making a difference to someone’s life brings me a great deal of satisfaction and motivation. I strive to become a better professional every single day.

Zaneta Nedza